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Compare & Buy Travel Insurance Online

Travel Insurance Online

Travel with peace in mind

While going on a trip, don't let unpleasant issues like loss of passport, accidental damages, sudden health complications, loss of luggage, etc. ruin your enjoyment. At GIBL, we compare all the travel insurance plans available in India to bring you the best plan that you can buy instantly from our online marketplace. This can help you achieve peace of mind while travelling within India or abroad. A comprehensive travel insurance plan can cover the cost of trip cancellations and medical expenses too.

Types of travel insurance plans in India

  • Overseas trip: In this type of policy, the coverage is provided for passport, baggage and the traveler's health while s/he's going abroad.
  • Travelling within the country: These travel insurance plans have low sum assured. A comprehensive intra-country travel insurance plan takes care of the loss or damage of luggage and other valuable items due to perils like theft, fire and so on.
  • Single trip: In this type of travel insurance plan, care is taken for travelers who are availing a single trip either to or from the country. The trip is valid till your return. In this plan, trip cancellation expenses and medical costs are covered.
  • Student travel: This is a comprehensive travel insurance policy that's designed for the students who are staying outside India for studies. Under this plan, personal accident, medical expenses for critical illnesses & ailments, loss of luggage etc are covered.
  • Multi trip: Multi-trip insurance plans are designed for frequent travelers. The plan covers medical expenses, loss of luggage & passport, personal accidents, and so on.

Factors that determine the type & cost of travel insurance you can take:

  • Distance: Distance means a lot in case of travel insurance. It is one of the major factors to determine the type of travel insurance plan you can take and the amount of sum assured.
  • Destination: There are many destinations for which you can avail travel insurance policies with limited terms and conditions.
  • Travelling frequency: Needless to mention, the more you travel, the more insurance you might need for safeguarding your baggage, passport and other valuable items. Many insurance providing companies also offer discounts on annual premium for the frequent travelers.
  • Duration of the trip: Travel insurance policies also depend on the duration of the trip. The longer span of time spent on the trip, the more premium payable and sum assured needed.

Travel insurance : what is covered?

  • Accidental injuries and death
  • Critical illnesses treatment cost
  • Other medical expenses
  • Overseas Funeral cost
  • Overseas dental treatment
  • Lost and damage of money, travel documents and other personal possessions
  • Delay in arrival of luggage
  • Missed connecting flight on delay
  • Trip cancellation reimbursement

GIBL offers you the best available travel insurance plan with lowest premium: compare online now to avail the best trip insurance quotes!